Family education is very popular, how to make gift satisfactory?

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Are you satisfactory to the family education beside? Do you think what kind of quality a competent family education should have?

Regard oneself as true teacher

I adored a teacher in the middle school very much once upon a time, like often imagining oneself to also can follow her. Embracing such idea I began family education career.

At first has only first one girl, before me she already " fry " dropped 4 family education, they are not lecture does not reach the designated position even if protracted time does not have responsibility heart, touch with the child even not approach, the result does not go on education quality. Some parents understand English not quite, they meet the child in my hand is the accredit to me then, cannot disappoint they. I ask with the standard of a true teacher oneself, after 9 classes are told, I can lengthen half hour to chat with the child, listen to her to hope to accept way of what kind of education, the curricular amount that talks about me is proper, solve the problem in study. English achievement of the girl rose very quickly.

After 3 two weeks, this parent had publicized me go out, very fast I " leave " a 5 person the bottom class in a kindergarten. Learning the teacher that oneself go, ask more on my class, before the class many test, class hind follows parent communication to cooperate more; I established mechanism of a competition, there are children on Xiaobenzi every time positive rate, they learn self-conscious, energy than wearing sufficient; I still encourage them to add the communication between wild phase each other, every problem must first collective discussion, the talent pool that cannot solve arrives here.

They followed me one year half, the scope that achievement increases arrives 229 minutes more, best be in firmly 90 minutes of above. After I do not make teaching in home, they still can cross most in final examination eve hill city is reviewed to on my here bubble one day of concentration.

"Lure " give student good result

I am the undergraduate that has made teaching in home many times. I think a good tutor, should go hard from the following respects:

One, article learn to hold actor concurrently, self-confident and sedate. "Teacher " should have substantial course knowledge and stronger expressive capacity not only, more VIP has been tasted. Want to affect and attract a student with fine quality and style, make the student's model.

2, active and active, have a definite object in view. "Teacher " should not be special only can answer of doubt and difficult problem, so probable meeting enhances the student's laziness and dependence. Beforehand should prepare lessons, tell, experienced, test should be united in wedlock. Unripe to a few difference, should master even if be 3, 5 also want to tell.

3, thorough knowledge, teach students in accordance of their aptitude. "Teacher " want pair of students the circumstance know sth like the palm of one's hand of each respect, adopt corresponding teaching method next.
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