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1, is latent capacity dug so that be over after all?
Answer: The experiment proves: There is 80% about in person head " virgin land " remain to develop. According to hearing, einstein, this spans spatio-temporal, the scientific giant star of the brilliant outstanding achievement of shining through the ages, 30% what also employed cerebrum potential only. Visible, person head stands force reachs his when potential energy is infinite to be in relatively in sky and for its extremely brief each the individual's life, can says those who take is endless, use not the wisdom resource of exhaust.
2, I feel to wanting high to maintain achievement only temporarily, not necessary next very great time go contending for the first, arrive second year in high school, tall 3, increase an interest on original basis again, is this kind of understanding proper?
Answer: This kind of understanding is incorrect, wanting high to maintain achievement not only, in the meantime, taller requirement raises on original basis. Because, study is like boat of travel of against the current, do not enter retreat, backwater not the idea paltrily before, more what is more,the rather that, the first also be of relative to character, there is mountain outside hill, there is a building outside the building. Make you had been contended for already in the class the first, contented without reason ego also, gao Yizheng is the inning of found, scarcely can be loosened from already, additional, still need to develop oneself the quality of each respect, study is a respect merely.
3, at present, the presence is the largest defect on my body is lazy, psychokinesis is not strong, all around if someone says, I am participated in among them, with what method should correct?
Answer: To disease ability good prescribe medicine, you already found your defect, this also is ascensive expression. Should change " lazy " and " talktive " characteristics, the key depends on a volition, you already made clear their adverse place, this is amendatory premise, after, want to remind oneself constantly, if do not correct a circumstance to be met only form smoke into smother, in the meantime, establish an example that oneself learn, additional, those who need a study scheduling is a bit more compact, let oneself always one's proper business can be done, reduce the chance that make a mistake, and, what raise oneself hard is self-restrained force, as long as such, through period of time, inevitable meeting has bigger change.
4, the study method that counts manage to change an aspect is not quite good, how should improve?
Answer: (1) the interest that develops pair of course; (2) the derivation process that pays attention to formulary, theorem, comprehend its essence; (3) the exercise of necessary quantity, the exercise is not a purpose, master theorematic, formulary method however; (4) the exercises that remembers a few typical cases, draw inferences about other cases from one instance, the key is to think more.
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