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Ask: Is the exam that judicatory takes an exam formed?
Answer: Judicatory exam undertakes two days, 4 pieces of examination paper, time of every answering question 3 hours. 1 reach 3 to be formed by 100 objective problems, mostly each problem is judgement of theory of law of a small case. Roll 4 it is subjective problem, by case analysis and writ writing are formed, difficulty is greater.

Ask: The examination time that the judicatory this year takes an exam?

Answer: The judicatory examination time this year is preliminary order in September the 3rd Sunday (18, 19 days of) .

Ask: The proportion of each division in department take an examination ofing?

Answer: Criminal law (about 70 minutes) , criminal procedural law (about 55 minutes) , contract law (about 50 minutes) , code of civil law (about 40 minutes) , civil code general rule (about 35 minutes) , administrative procedural law (about 25 minutes) , constitution (about 15 minutes) , fair.

Ask: The proposal with what there is good on order to review?

Answer: 1. Belief -- should establish surely win confidence, in throwing department take an examination ofing to review with high-spirited fight, go.

2. Time -- if examinee does not have legal major foundation, the time that ought to take out half an year to arrive one year is reviewed centrally. The examinee of one's previous experience of regular professional training, the concentration before taking an examination of 3 two months are about the same also.

3. Reference book -- " lawyer qualification exam appoints solution to a problem of the test that use a book and relevant law laws and regulations " , have draw materials of certain proportional solid examination questions hereat. " classification of examination questions of exam of countrywide lawyer qualification judges solution to reach should try skill " , teach chief editor by the Xiao Shengxi of university of former China politics and law, suit early days to review use. Other still be like " law serves times " , " Chinese lawyer " etc. If ability of examinee individual self-study is not very strong, attend coach class also have not cannot.

4. Teaching material -- judiciary reads and edit review appoint with the book (abbreviation teaching material) the main base tool that is department take an examination ofing. In the pre-construction level that department checks, teaching material can make protagonist. When reading teaching material, should be good at searching " problem eye " , the design train of thought of the person that cater to proposition. Do not ignore the small case in teaching material at the same time, this may be very good propositional material, change to go out possibly to manage the exam coils now slightly.

5. Law -- later period phase, should with the law give priority to. Law can divide it is 3 kinds big: The key law that must memorize, the amount is in 15% the left and right sides; Second key law, the amount is in 20% the left and right sides, the odds of check is very big also, answer to be remembered adequately; Law of do sth for the occasion, check branch few, browse a little go. Multinomial to much money law should notice all the more, they are the superexcellent material that multinomial choice inscribes, propositional person's right favour. The law that notchs a little easily, should annals is in must. For instance, lawyer law, judge law, inquisitor law, arbitral law.
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