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CIIA exam job signing up will begin on December 17, 2007 in March 2008, examinee can log onto association of trade of Chinese negotiable securities to the website is registered and sign up, date of expiration signing up is on January 20, 2008. Be as follows concerned item announcement now:

One, CIIA exam unites an exam for the whole world. This second examination time is on March 8, 2008, exam place is set in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen 3 ground.

2, CIIA exam uses Chinese, cent is two pieces of examination paper, add up to 6 hours. Examination paper includes value of appraise of company finance affairs, economics, financial accounting and analysis of financial forms for reporting statistics, stock and analysis; Examination paper 2 include to secure produce of value of appraise of income negotiable security and analysis, develop appraise value and analysis, investment sets government.

3, sign up the staff that joins CIIA exam ought to be registered for CIIA exam member, the person that have following requirement can register for CIIA exam member:

(one) already took an exam from qualification of personnel of course of study through negotiable securities course of study 5 course take an exam;

(2) record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above;

(3) 5 years behavior of fine of all without exception is recorded recently;

(4) behave well, have good professional morality;

(5) the other requirement that association sets.

4, according to register international to invest analyst institute to concern a provision, senior from personnel of course of study (EQC examinee) exempt regulation is lengthened 2012. What if accord with EQC take an examination ofing,lay a condition is OK before exempt the first. EQC examinee should have the following requirement:

(one) negotiable securities industry from course of study 5 years (contain 5 years) above;

(2) already acquired negotiable securities hold industry letter;

(3) currently hold the post ofnegotiable securities to run orgnaization or negotiable securities research organization senior administrator.

5, examinee but at association website loginning before January 20, 2008 (Http:// ) undertake register and signing up, fill in according to the requirement application form. Examinee can enter oneself for an examination the door or two one exams, common examinee should take an exam through two inside 5 years, EQC examinee should take an exam through two inside 3 years, pointing to to two exams were not passed inside time surely, must undertake registered afresh and take an exam.

6, examinee undertakes register and signing up answering pay is relevant charge, register cost everybody is 800 yuan, cost signing up every division second 2500 yuan. Examinee should pass the bank on the net at cost will be being registered to reach cost signing up before January 20, 2008 or post office is collected to association of trade of Chinese negotiable securities. Post-office remittance address: Beijing on the west ave of finance of the city zone B of edifice of 19 Fu Kai 2; Postcode: 100032; Chamberlain: Association of trade of Chinese negotiable securities. Examinee Id is sure to make clear in remittance P.S. date and pay cost content (be restricted 30 words, exemple: 110101198001011011, register cost examination paper one examination paper 2) .
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