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Love calls out arousal ─ ─ to oppose to the high school student psychological mood is adjusted

Shenzhen essence middle school

"If a child lives in sincerity, he learned the mood to live calmly. He learned the mood to live calmly..

─ ─ preface

One, the proposal is radical circumstance

Small C, first 2 grade student. Mood termagancy, Yi Chong is moved, love uses force to threatening other is subject to and defy with the teacher, destroy force very big, it is a student that predecessor classmaster should have a headache. I am firm carry on before long, hear he uses current state word to scold me when I speak, I decide to have first time with him " engage in a battle " , understand " enemy's situation " .

He came, low head, stand loathly beside my desk.

"You scold me with current state word below, be? " my come straight to the point, mood as far as possible gentle.

"I am done not have. " his raise raise head, growl, sound is brawny, grave, next the gangmaster is obdurate ground deflection at the same time, overgrow the face of whelk goes up because of dissatisfaction aglowly.

"Hear you want to receive a little brother everyday, be? " I decide escape ability, changed a topic.

"Yes. " tone is soft a lot of.

"The parents that why should you go receiving and be you goes receiving? "The parents that why should you go receiving and be you goes receiving??

"They are in current state, do not be in Shenzhen. Do not be in Shenzhen..

"That your brother two with who to live together? "That your brother two with who to live together??

"Live in uncle home. "Live in uncle home..

"How long? "How long??

"3, 4 years. "3, 4 years..

My former thinks he can not answer any questions crabbily, in order to show antagonism, every think of he replied not only and according to real answer, this enough proves: He although the attitude is tough, but the heart still longs to be understood and understand.

2, case analysis

Teenager of a teen-age, needing parents caress, be far from the assistant that parents shelters however, live away from home is in other home, long gets is very fond of, already perhaps can forget the flavor that is very fond of, long to get and cannot come true. Generate angst, irritable, sentiment then flabby wait for psychological characteristic surely, show on behavior as violent, contrary as the division commander etc. Inner unpleasantness is disadvantageous in the home drain, seek the market of drain to the utmost in the school, this is a kind of means of his drain mood. Investigate its reason is to lack care and correct guiding.

3, educational method

Small C is just like a hard rock, a word talks not congenially, he emersion he that obdurate individual character, head deflection at the same time, silent as the grave. Look the front hits out effect of very bad pool, I decide to adopt circuitous tactics.
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