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Hangzhou, two well-known private junior high school teacher was fired yesterday

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Do paid tutor, the principal let you "class." Yesterday was the first day of school, private middle school in Hangzhou famous - Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School staged a "ton output capacity of the Election": dismissal of two key teachers to do Paid Family. President Gao Yan of deep regret at the same time, regarding the attitude is very firm on the dismissal: "Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School 10 years, each into the school and school teachers have signed a 'six no' undertaking, one commitment is' not do paid tutor, not out puts in a lot '. This is the red line, who stepped out who will, there can be criticism and education opportunities. " Dismissal of two teachers are teaching science, age three or four years old, in the Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary 3 years teaching experience, is the backbone of the school teachers, did lesson planning team leader. When did they do tutoring? So far, how much money? Estimated that only they know. If the side of the tutor, while also taking into account teaching, no one report, the two might also be able to continue to stay, in school, but this summer before freshmen who started an adaptive class, so one of them exposed his true features. The total on the 6 class, conducted a test at the end of the test results so that schools find it very unusual: the teacher who taught science classes with the results, even as the new teacher had just graduated from university, ranked next to last first. Then, the school decided to convene an interim analysis of teaching, conferences are a sudden, all teachers have to, and sent the teacher not to. The school to call him, do not take, and then shut down altogether. Principals only afterwards that, because the teacher tutor in the class, sub-body can not. Dismissal of another science teacher, the headmaster received a letter signed "Yucai forever person" graduates made after criticism of the letter. To this criticism of the letter mentioned that he hoped the school's "Six is not" an undertaking not to become a decoration. GAO criticized the letter to principals of all the staff and everyone to read. He knows that the students suggest is to have a tutor teacher, the school does not make a deal. And the teacher would it be? Principal thorough investigation, to the "target" the teacher directly to a telephone call, asked him "Is there a tutor?" The other vague on the phone, indirectly leading to both the labor contract is terminated. This reporter learned that, in the Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School, which 10 years in private tutoring because the teachers have been dismissed 5. Yan Gao has been president of that "elite brand is working hard with everyone out, and never allow the abuse of one or two people, if allowed to tutor the swaggering, do our own work to other teachers at ease is a great not fair. "

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