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Rock City 86 families have free access to "love tutor" services

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"I volunteered to be a loving family education, service to others and dedication of love." Yesterday, Hebei Normal University launched the sixth "Caring Classroom" project at the event, there are 71 poor families, 15 families became the love Plays "Love tutor" project to serve. According to the organizers of Hebei Normal University work-study center introduction, in this "love tutor" application, there are more than 90 poor families, enrollment has more than 30 caring families, the audit, 71 were selected poor families, 15 love Heart family and the school signed a "love tutor" project agreement. As recipients of this object, these families will have free access to the school children of volunteers in the three months, "Love tutor" services, mainly includes School counseling and educating people of all disciplines of education. Student volunteers said that in the future, the days of love tutor, teacher, teaching, parents satisfaction, the school assured.

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