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Middle School Students National Day holiday Study Guide: leak filled

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Less than a month the new semester, and high gifted 7-day National Day holiday welcome. For teacher recommendations, and high school students should use as a holiday, the month's learning style and learning method to summarize and reflect on, and learned knowledge may say. Currently, the third year students the knowledge system is not very perfect. Some Middle School students to grasp the rhythm of the new semester are not allowed to learn the wrong way, or do not adapt to the learning environment, resulting in fatigue and burnout. The study of the efficiency over the past month, learning methods, learning attitude to serious reflection, third year students need to do in the holiday thing. Department of the Beijing Ren Xingying Guangqumen introduce secondary school curriculum, the school's National Day will give students staged "moral" operation, the third year students can be combined with national issues, hot issues and increase understanding of the motherland. Also, students should use as a holiday, after careful analysis of their own into the third year of learning, learning efficiency, learning state. If you find problems in some areas, it is necessary to adjust, to prepare for the Festival review. Leak filled by the National Day holiday, is essential for Middle School students. Beijing Hongzhi Middle School Zhoucheng Liang, deputy director of grade three groups, students can leave the school can use the knowledge learned since the comb to identify weak links, carefully Bubu knowledge points. Students will learn the notes, did the papers were grouped together by subject, can also read the wrong title theme of this analysis, error-prone Errors and master problem-solving questions law backbone of knowledge for later response-related issues in a targeted manner type. Some Middle School teachers believe that the National Day of Middle School students is an important node. It can play a connecting role. In addition to the knowledge learned before summary points, three ahead of third year students can also prepare for the exam. The end of October, early November, the third year students facing midterm exams. Candidates may use the holiday to adjust the learning attitude, and consolidate those who have not mastered the basic knowledge points, for a period of examination fully prepared.

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