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Tutoring four cornerstones teamwork sense and sense the ability to love

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Teamwork is essential in the quality of children grow up, there is no team spirit where the children are screwed bar. Responsibility is the child's spiritual power struggle. Judgement is an important asset in the child's life. Children with love, and understand Beauty of love, know how to love others, the child's world is beautiful, fearless. Team - taught children the basic elements of the future Earlier I talked about the parents of their child's basic attitude: First, do not have too high expectations, as the child of God to train people properly, so wrong. Second, if your child is a poor life, do not despair, to become To help him find his long stage. With these two attitudes, we then talk about the basis of Quality. To talk about team spirit. Team is how to deal with the relationship between individual and collective. Why should we emphasize teamwork? Because your child entered kindergarten, and in the future into the community, are in the collective, the group must keep up to deal with . The relationship between the individual and the collective is inevitable. The problem is not solved, you put the child on where are screwed bar. Talk about an example. Our children before kindergarten, if kindergarten interview, almost not going to visit a child has team spirit. But in Japan, children in kindergarten than we are much more stringent. They also face Test, the eight children in a room, tell them that, hey, you put in this room is carried to another room to the table. The result, six children to bear the table, leaving two children happy leisure, and save some Strength. The two teachers took the child's parents called up, reprimanded, you should in how to educate the child, be that team are not, fail and go home. Parents are very ashamed to go back with her two children. Next Interview again, still the same program, two children could not wait to the ground before moving chairs and tables out. The Japanese team is one such shape, create national cohesion, which we can not help but admire. Why is such a small place the world's second largest economy? Japan's national power is completely out of education. China's education and we did not try to train young children to this team, so it was said that the Chinese people a mess and can not pull together. Pull together must rely on conscious education. Some parents, especially Older parents, I heard that there is a collective work in schools, their children will be asked, hey, you can be lazy to be lazy, do not themselves under too tired, and made clothes dirty. This is anti-education, team spirit, this child Child grows up not mess it strange. I told my friends when talking about the contrast, often lament that we will really individualistic education emptied the national reserve force, the education team spirit with others immeasurably Yeah. We may follow from this example Exchanges have relatives and friends, I hope parents have consciousness. Our children to build strong team spirit, the country. Mentioned above is to foster team spirit of the whole country benefits, enhance the solidarity of the entire nation. Some parents then asked, good of the country, and that the individual has no benefits? My children to be clever than the average child Clearly stands out, is not necessary and the team did not mix together? And the team is not mixed with natural people would obliterate him? This remark difference now! It can be said, know how to integrate into the collective knowledge of team work is essential for the growth of each child capacity. Why? First, your child from kindergarten onwards, until the future of employment in the community, even if he became company manager, when a President, are inseparable from the team, can not do without the ability to get along with the team. Think, if you are a manager, lack of Lack of ability to cooperate with the entire company, who will give you their lives under it? You are a President, arrogant, not looked down on the government team, the Parliament will take you to the impeachment of sooner or later. Some children in the kindergarten is difficult to melt Into the collective, and parents a headache. Parents often do not understand why other people's children can play properly, their children always want to go home when the loner it? Children are not the reasons is that parents do not foster the children's group Team emotional intelligence and team skills. Second, the team is learning from each other progress in the collective and individual capacity only in the team, to get the biggest raise, and even realize their value. Relatively high quality you may be in the team role that it could Do leadership positions. Are strong that you can not override the team above, there is this idea sooner or later to be the team to get rid of, what can be accomplished. In general, people are social animals, a single person with a latrine is built well, so what to value? Must be in a group of people the opportunity to survive. A person has no team spirit, especially in modern society, it is difficult Success. Our society, only a small job is man operations, such as you are a writer, is a solitary artist, writing to realize value through independent, but if you do not come from the community team, Do you have creative experience? Definitely in the air. Moreover, the surface you are a single person at work, in fact you are still in the artist community, you have to keep learning and learn from peers, no one can leave the team Myself to play. That being the case, teamwork is an essential property of human growth. So how do we foster the children's team spirit it? Our children, in fact, is like a large part of the collective, and soon will be able to play together with the children enjoying themselves. These children develop better teamwork. Also part of the child, or withdrawn, Or shy, or aloof, in short, a variety of reasons, do not want to integrate into the collective, not willing to kindergarten, which is more downright. If their parents busy and nobody, long-term effect will distort the character. I Let us talk about how their children access to the collective. Bond with the formation of the child should be the collective group activities such as sports and games. If the child in group activities to appreciate happiness, feel the complete sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of the whole event, he will understand, in the collective There is such a joy, in the collective will to realize their value, you let him be at home, he'd be. So, if a child of collective fear, lonely, how do? There are many specific methods. For example, he does not play with the children, that parents play the total matter sorted out. Parents can play interactive games with him such as playing football, playing at least two people, two people with the ball, he kicked out of the feeling, Oh, I see, the collective activities of happiness, is not the same as with the joy of playing alone. Then one day my father did not empty, and told him to try to play with others, and slowly he got used to and interact with others. Then slowly let him hi Fun group activities, walked slowly into the circle of children. Can step by step, the step by step, slowly changing his children's prejudices, the collective experience of happiness, and finally into the collective. This eccentric, shy children Is effective. Another is the aloof children, because children learn what extra-curricular Tingduo, that teacher's boring, do not like to class, do not like lectures, signs of this idea into the team is relatively large obstacles. Feel high This team is not right for you, so that if a child, we must suffer. Therefore, parents must teach children to learn to respect the team (the teacher is the backbone of the team), even if the teacher talk about things to understand, you can also listen to Listening and understanding what the difference yourself. I think perhaps the parents of the child's excessive praise of the child's self- evaluation, self-satisfied, that the teacher can not, the children as their own. This is very dangerous, so High greedy child is so far produced. So you have to let him respect the team, do not overestimate yourself and underestimate teachers and students. After the children into the team, there may be outstanding figures from the team, may In addition narcissistic, what are learning disabled in the future, because the exclusion of the team means that you lose the ability to learn a lot of opportunities. In fact, the team's core is not just pile of mixed children play together, mixed into only the first step, the most important contribution to the ability to find happiness. You have to let kids contribute in a team activity, and to be sure children Child's performance, let him understand that it was his participation, to help the team achieved good results, be sure the child will feel satisfied. For example, the children attended the school's tree planting activities, children, might just go with the flow going through the motions, play a play. But if you asked him today, came back a few species of trees, the number of species in your class and tell him you The trees planted today, the future will become a forest of green play a big role, but also changing the landscape of this region. He will be surprised, did not think himself and his team do have such a great value . Perhaps the collective activities in the future, he will become very conscious, has become activist, to understand the value of what he has done. If you blame him, how to participate in activities to get so dirty clothes Yeah, sweaty, and he will be confused on the collective activities, what activities to participate in labor, will not contribute to such people is difficult to use the collective strength of will to accomplish things Industry. A person can become a leader in the collective cause, will be able to realize their value. Children's education, one is the spirit of self, self-ability, on the one hand the cultivation of team spirit, the two are not contradictory, but complementary, self-personality and ability in the team themselves, such as Tiger Tim Wing. Team training is a long process, do not require overnight, it is important to develop habits in life. Not only in the school team and the team can train the family in the neighborhood, we can train the team to Children are often in the team to contribute their skills. Has a team of children, with rapid integration into the team and the ability to adapt to the team, went all over the world, friends are everywhere, everywhere can make a difference. For all, all for one, this is not an exaggerated Empty talk, but a real ability. The team spirit of young children, but also make it easier to parental education, because he has more with the team learn from peer learning and self-education.

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