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I save wise move to divide protective route delimit high

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This year, I save wise move to continue to execute high component protectionism. The reporter does know from province wise move yesterday, the high component this year protects a line already delimit, liberal art 572 minutes, science department 596 minutes. Article of my province wise move, science department will have 2932 examinee to be able to enjoy high component this year " protection " policy.
According to the principle of one in hundred, I save science department examinee this year 190553 people, the scale of 1 % should be 1906 people, route of high component protection is cut in 596 minutes
, the altogether on this mark line has 1963 people; Liberal art examinee 95144 people, the scale of 1 % should be 951 people, route of high component protection is cut in 572 minutes, 969 people are shared on this mark line.

According to the regulation, every enters the university entrance exam to protect the examinee of the line, in undergraduate course one batch is admitted the first round when delivering file, when if fail to achieve,cannot giving grade, the reference of its place fill in a form and submit it to the leadership is volunteer the first column is inspected with the first volunteer, participate in cast archives to give relevant school (examinee of this one part does not occupy this school to cast archives scale surely formerly) , admit nevertheless decided by the school.

Although divide the altogether on the line high to have 2932 people, real nevertheless need " protect " examinee is not much however. Province wise move does Director Lin Jitian to say, from at present this a batch admit a result to look, the fill in a form and submit it to the leadership of high component examinee of the majority is volunteer special " accurate " , hit the target rate is very high, do not need to realize reference through dividing protection high volunteer admit, complete province will have a batch of examinee general to be admitted through dividing protection high next, but admit authority finally to depend on a college. (Lai Jinsong of reporter of southeast morning paper)

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