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Recruit students of college of my province adult signs up on entire network this

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Recruit students of countrywide adult college unites exam general this year on October 11, 12 days are held. From the province wise move does understanding 20 days to, the Fujian Province signed up on net of recruit students of adult colleges and universities 2008 time comes 30 days on August 10, examinee needs to came 7 days on September 1, confirm information signing up to the spot.

What differ with in former years is, since this year average college adult teachs class of close down be released from production to take on other duty, study form will be given priority to with amateur. Each province is uniform to the student of be released from production to take on other duty that recruits outside system must not undertake electron of new student one's status as a student register. Every is violated compasses the average college that recruits student of be released from production to take on other duty will be cancelled to grow up qualification of recruit students of education of advanced record of formal schooling.
Entire this year network reports a name

As we have learned, I save adult college recruit students to take the kind that signs up on the net this year. The net reports v/arc a person's status to be input of the information on the net and spot information to affirm two phase. On August 10, on August 30, website of recruit students of the university entrance exam of adult of examinee entry Fujian Province stands (Http://www.fjeduzs.cn/index.html) , inquire the concerned circumstance of school recruit students, according to the clew of the webpage and requirement, accurate input individual enters oneself for an examination information, select good exam site by oneself.

Came 7 days on September 1, examinee confirms a point to the information that already chose, conduction spot information confirms procedure, hand in check to concern certificate, proof and photocopy, hand in 110 yuan to sign up the cost that take an examination of Wu, undertake the electron is photographed picture, confirm information signing up. The candidate for an entrance examination that every did not have spot information affirms, its net reports a qualification to disable.

According to the regulation, enter oneself for an examination adult the university entrance exam " rise high this " or " rise high only " examinee should have rate of literacy of high school graduation. Already acquired the staff of the specialized subject diploma that via Ministry of Education the countryman of authorized approve teachs series colleges and universities, higher education to teach oneself exam orgnaization to issue or above certificate, ability enters oneself for an examination " rise only this " .

Artistic sports kind beard major is added try

The whole nation grew up 2008 the university entrance exam " rise high this, rise high only " the exam installs all to study subject respectively by liberal art, science department. Communal tax interconnected system takes an examination of course to all be Chinese, maths, foreign language 3, count credit liberal art among them kind, science department kind two kinds, english of foreign language cent, Japanese, Russian 3 languages, the requirement of sign language outside be being learned to proofread according to entering oneself for an examination by examinee chooses a kind. Enter oneself for an examination rise high this examinee, outside dividing the exam that attends 3 all to study communal subject, still need to attend the exam of professional foundation class, science department kind professional foundation class is " physics, chemistry is integrated " , liberal art kind professional foundation class is " the history, geography is integrated " . "Rise only this " exam all takes an examination of course to be politics, English and class of a professional foundation.
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