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Present parents takes the development of pair of child intelligence seriously very much, and development of this kind of intelligence is not single. But parents often oversight oneself also has multivariate intelligence, if parents learns to make full use of of oneself multivariate intelligence, so will more the child that conduces to education is high grade multivariate intelligence.
"Multivariate intelligence " academic elite pointed out intelligence is diversity, everybody has 8 intelligence: Language, logistic, space, music, limbs - motion, natural, human with introspection. In this 8 big intelligence, the advantage intelligence that parents should be known only and uses oneself has education, the child can move toward successful path finally.

One, the advantage intelligence that searchs ego

"Multivariate intelligence " theory tells us: Each person is in likely a certain or domain of a few intelligence has outstanding talent, the key depends on you can discovering your advantage intelligence.

Hua Dong Normal University is multivariate the way that intelligent task studies to group Dr. Zhang Ling provided intelligence of advantage of oneself of a few understanding for everybody:

1, the advantage intelligence that knows you through evaluation

Pass evaluation, you can understand your advantage intelligence the most quickly. Evaluation is general by multivariate intelligent expert will design, each elements consider more comprehensive, it is the method with understanding oneself more scientific intelligence. But, dr. Zhang Ling points out, the test still depends on the self-awareness of main body, when be being evaluated so if self-awareness is not strong, judgement is easy not objective, the result can sell at a discount greatly.

2, undertake assessment from inside daily activity

Daily life is the optimal way that knows oneself advantage intelligence. Any lives daily extract, can watch instead those who give 8 kinds of intelligence is strong weak.

Note telephone number for example, a few people looked to remember; Some people like to read a number over and over, and should read phonate just go; Still having a few people is the corresponding position that gets on clavier of digital park phone will remember. Recall way from these 3 kinds, we see not hard, the first kind of person is maths - logistic intelligence is stronger, inherent logarithm word is sensitive; Intelligence of language of the 2nd kind of person is dominant; The 3rd kind of person is visual space intelligence however more sensitive.

Such example is in our life without number, should do a bit only advertent, those who compare oneself and others is different, with respect to the advantage intelligence place that can find oneself easily.

3, the experience that recalls oneself to get education

Parents can recollect his study experience and study method. Intelligence of avery kind of is representing system of a kind of sign, when school study your advantage intelligence reflects the advantage course in you possibly to go up. Sometimes, a kind of course can represent different intelligence or intelligent group again, compare exactly the amount to learn, some people geometry must have been compared, the vision that proves him - dimensional intelligence is more outstanding; Some people algebra is good, represent maths - logistic intelligence has an advantage.
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