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"Adult is inexorable ' be unpleasant to hear ' true word is the germ that the child dare not speak. " be born in middle and primary school " call sincere letter " call for paper on mobile press conference and seminar, writer Zhao Lihong faces Yo of current sincere be religious deep feeling fine is much.
Zhao Lihong says, "As the writer, I always tell the child writing article must tell fact of the real situation to feel. This one first principle that can write a composition encountered a challenge in the school. It is very strange to there is a kind of appearance now, the child speaks to want to accept criticism sometimes, do not speak to suffer instead praise. " the child give an example that he takes himself: "Once, the school organizes spring outing, after coming back, the teacher asks with ' happy spring outing ' write a composition for inscribe, but the son feels this is very dull, time complete flower is on the road. I encourage him to accept my sense of reality draw up come, as a result this composition is criticized in public by the teacher. Since then, the son says to me, the composition should write a teacher to be willing to look, cannot get tall cent for certain otherwise. Cannot get tall cent for certain otherwise..

The child dare not speak, not merely the school is responsible, in fact, a lot of adult are in daily words and deeds, also teach the child not to speak in ground of exert a subtle influence on. Zhao Lihong makes a self-criticism at this moment: Not long ago, in the United States 9 years old of grown girls lived in a month one to us. The girl is very straightforward at the beginning, tell me, she feels Shanghai is quite dirty, still have where where bad. I express subliminally to object, see the movie that records American new York once, I show the subway of a new York says, also hold out over there you actually dirty ah. As time passes, little girl also does not say Shanghai is bad again. I am a little complacent even at that time, the son is very glad also. But think now, what the girl says is a fact, why do I connect the straight face defect, courage that says bit of true word to be done not have?

Zhao Lihong says finally: "Should teach the child sincere letter heads, adult wanted him introspection to be accomplished above all. Adult wanted him introspection to be accomplished above all..

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