Responsibility heart of the child is developed in doing chore

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If who thinks the child that lets whose 14 years old is used to helping,do chore, parents must be in he is 2 years old when permeate this kind of habit slowly.

Once had heard a mom of 10 years old of children to complain, oneself begin to work from in the morning everyday the child's thing: Before waking the child up, should have received for him brush one's teeth used water, toothpaste is squeezed to tooth brush even; The desk on breakfast end; When the child eats breakfast, the quilt that goes folding him rapidly... want, whether can such life be you and my future?

Do not think children were brought up, natural whats can be done, should not think more, their whats are willing to do. If you did not foster him to do as a child a few " housework " the habit of the thing, fasten calculate on he was brought up to be able to help you actively what do. Of course, we also are not to let parents rear the child into " labor expert " , just, the thing that always has some of in one's power is them can, and should partake.

The reasonable age that does chore is to be in about the child 2 years old many when, begin to help take rice bowl to the kitchen; 3 years old when try rubbish; When 4 years old but Esau sweeps the floor...

However this is ideal situation merely! Look below two camera lens:

Camera lens one:
Bud bud of 5 years old wants to imprint the slide car that has tropical fish, want to foster a daughter to lose the father of start responsibility to feel happy secretly in the home all the time the opportunity came: He puts forward bud bud to must be family person shoeshine a month, ability can be bought. Begin from this day, everyday bud of the bud after dinner sits in door mouth, ground of exert to one's utmost wipes father, mom and his shoe. Look at a daughter so clever, of the 3rd week father cashed ahead of schedule on the weekend promise, he Beibei together redemptive slide car. Result after two days, bud bud says whats do not wish to continue her " the job " .

Camera lens 2:
Outstanding young always drops about books and toy, do not know to had endured how many rebuke of mom for this thing. This day, outstanding young of 6 years old can no more bear mom's nag, begin to strike back: "The thing myself that I lose is arranged, begged you not to chatter again only. " the room that outstanding young spent to arrange him afternoon, effect strikings. However, should look for storybook afresh when him, search when spelling a plan, burst into fury however: Whats search to be not worn. Those who look at a son to be arranged is feebleminded, mom sighed: All books are mixed put in bookcase, the go all outing with large minor volume pursues and building blocks scored toy basket together, bad of course to searched. Alas, still be I come... after a few days, the defect that outstanding young litters broke out again, because he knows backside,have " arrange justice project " .
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